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OPINION: No referendum needed in Guyana

By Dr. Randy Persaud, Professor Emeritus International relations are different from international politics. The former is concerned with the routine matters in interstate interactions, and managed mostly by bureaucrats who follow standard operating procedures. The latter, however, are in the domain of high politics. At this level, the issue of power looms large, and the conduct of foreign policy ranges ...

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OPINION: Foreign enemies like internal division

By Dr. Randy Persaud, Professor Emeritus Eighteen hundred years before Machiavelli, one the world’s first great realists, Kutilya (350 -283 BC), warned that one of the greatest threats to national security is an internally divided population. I doubt anyone in the APNU-AFC might have read Kutilya, but surely at least Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton must be familiar with the basics ...

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OPINION: I agree with Bharrat Jagdeo: down with Marxist ideology; up with American money

by GHK Lall Yet again, I find myself agreeing with Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo.  When the Commissar soft-pedals Marxism-Leninism and dunks it over to the PPP Congress, I recognize a political operator of rare acumen.  Quick aside -if PPP hardheads think I am playing their General Secretary, they may be onto something, for I also know through whom the road ...

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VIEWPOINT: Guyana-Venezuela controversy

by Kit Nascimento Venezuela has never owned the Essequibo and never will. Long before we became an independent country, the Essequibo region, that is all the land due west of the Essequibo River, within the boundaries of Guyana, was part of British Guiana. Unfortunately, however, as Sir Shridath Ramphal, better known as Sonny to all of us, puts it in ...

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AMCHAM Guyana, US Bilateral Chamber of Commerce ink accord

The American Chamber of Commerce in Guyana (AMCHAM Guyana) on Thursday announced the signing of a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce, a federal contractor for the United States (US) Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). “This collaboration marks a significant milestone for AMCHAM Guyana and the Bilateral Chamber of Commerce. By joining forces, we aim ...

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OPINION: Bobby, bikers, bilingualism, and brutalized women -Guyana’s Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse 

By GHK Lall I agree with the Hon Minister of Natural Resources, Dr. Vickram Bharrat: do not discredit Bobby Gossai; please leave Bobby alone.  Nothing fatal inflicted on Guyana’s standing.  I am surprised that integrity, transparency, accountability, and democracy now all languish in this local winter.  I remind all citizens, Bobby did the heroic, he followed orders, like a true ...

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OPINION: Shared Responsibility: Eradicating Hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean

Mario Lubetkin, FAO Assistant Director-General and FAO Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean.  The figures published by the latest Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition 2023 are cause for great concern. The document is clear: hunger continues to significantly affect Latin America and the Caribbean.  The reasons are varied; consequences of the pandemic, armed conflicts, climate crisis, ...

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OPINION: Guyana does not need a Border Patrol Unit: The GDF is the Constitutional authority for Border Defence patrols

by Retired Rear Admiral, Dr Gary Best. He is also a former Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force The recent report by Kaieteur News of an announcement by the Attorney General of Guyana on the Government’s decision to introduce a bill which “… is intended to create a framework for officers to be appointed, and who will perform specific functions ...

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OPINION: The international politics of race – the case of Guyana

By Dr. Randy Persaud, Professor Emeritus Two signature events occurred in Guyana’s international politics recently, and both involved race as the central articulating issue. The first event took place in Washington DC from September 27-28, 2023, in the form of a conference under the theme “Promoting Inclusive Governance and Economic Growth, Equal Justice, Social Equality & Sustainable Development for All ...

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