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Analysis: Guyana’s Local Content Requirements: Bitter Pill Coated with the Sweetness of Jingoism?

by Attorney-at-Law, Dr. Vivian Williams Guyanese were struggling ever since the country was wrested from the colonial masters. So, when oil was discovered in the South American country in 2015, expectations of prosperity soared. Consequently, the implementation of Local Content Requirements (LCRs) in the fledging oil & gas sector is greeted with patriotic fervor. It is easy for a country, ...

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Streamline – what’s in a word?

by GHK Lall On the grand occasion of the celebration of Indian Arrival Day, the PPP Government initiated what comes across as the curious celebration of its own. It came in the form of “Gov signals intent to “streamline” social media news entities” (Demerara Waves, May 5). On the face of it, this intent signaled from the Hon. Prime Minister’s ...

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OPINION: His Excellency’s invitation to UK, EU investors

By GHK Lall I hear President Ali’s call to Western investors (“UK, European Union investors need to aggressively pursue opportunities in Guyana -Ali”, Demerara Waves, April 26).  I commend the President for seeing the light, no matter how belatedly, with current partners, one in particular, and sounding the gong.  “Aggressively pursue” resonates with that echo, from the way I read ...

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OPINION: President’s invitation, Opposition Leader’s response -both leaders must find common menu of issues

by GHK Lall On Wednesday, the media reported that His Excellency, President Irfaan Ali would be reaching out to the Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Aubrey Norton, with an invitation for consultations on appointments.  Some of these appointments have been pending for a while, and are for offices of the highest importance.  I unreservedly commend the President for taking the ...

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OPINION: Consultation not an abstraction, Mr. AG; not a favor to the people, sir (due consideration for law)

by GHK Lall I agree partially with Guyana’s Hon. Attorney General when he said, “Article 13 not enforceable; Govt. doesn’t have to consult with anyone -Nandlall” (Demerara Waves, April 5).  I have to watch myself, as I first agreed with the President (worker shortage), and now the worldly-wise AG on his trickiness with consultation.  I must be getting mellow(er) nowadays.  ...

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OPINION: NRF Board, VP’s defense: the farces continue

By GHK Lall It is strange the lengths to which powerful men would go to rationalize the irrational, to stand up for what makes for little sense, since it is so hollow, so-self-serving.  This was the case recently when the Hon Vice President went public to share, he and (possibly) his government’s position on those nominated by the Opposition for ...

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