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OPINION: Traffic – as Guyanese know it, follow it, live it

by GHK Lall A cautionary note is in order as I share on traffic today. All laws and rules are dumped into the garbage can. Well, that is precisely what most Guyanese have done with them. Frequently, I am ready to say all Guyanese, so prevalent, so every day, are the departures from the rules, dismissals of them, and making ...

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OPINION: COP27 – a crime against humanity, a leadership vice

by GHK Lall I would sum up COP27 in two words. Promises, promises, promises. And dud, dud, dud. Most of those 200 plus should have done the world a favor, and stayed home. Nothing material comes out of these talkfests, so why have them? I give Gaston Browne of Antigua and Barbuda, and Barbados’s Mia Mottley a pass for sheer ...

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OPINION: British High Commissioner and Existing Voters List

by GHK Lall I like to think that there are some things that we can actually decide for ourselves, and then do for ourselves.  Clearly, my outlook is either the poorest form of flattery, or the worst kind of self-deception.  The British High Commissioner to Guyana took that away from us, and in so doing exposed us for who, how, ...

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OPINION: PPP says 48% poverty is for 2019 (PNC); I say it is not far from that (2021-22 and PPP)

By GHK Lall I read in SN that “48% poverty rate reflects 2019 figures -Finance Minister”.  Thanks, Dr. Minister for the clarification; and, as expected, the PPP Government came out swinging in response to that eyepopping World Bank report.  These are my positions. First, since the World Bank figures on poverty are from 2019 (as updated), there can only be ...

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OPINION: President Ali’s 1000-man initiative a vision who time has come, but some of his men must go

BY GHK Lall The news is awash with appeals and push from His Excellency, President Ali to make his 1000-man initiative gather some momentum, become a success.  To give the President his due, I think that there are embedded noble objectives in that the uplift of men and younger males in Guyana are the intended beneficiaries.  I salute the President ...

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