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FAO PERSPECTIVE: Spoiler alert: Minimizing food loss is easier than you think

by the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Food. It is grown, harvested, processed, packaged, transported, distributed, traded, bought, prepared and then… thrown out. Each year, approximately 14 percent of the food we produce is lost between when it is harvested and before it reaches the shops. A further 17 percent of our food ends up being wasted by ...

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VIEWPOINT: Opposition Leader speaks on International Day of Democracy

by Opposition Leader Aubrey Norton My fellow Guyanese, today, 15th September, marks the United Nations International Day of Democracy. This observance calls on us to take stock of the state of democracy in our country. In Guyana, we both see and experience that democracy under the PPP/C regime is in deep crisis. And, even worse, our country is pointing in ...

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OPINION: President and Vice President were not invited to Washington -they were summoned

by GHK Lall I leaned back on reading that July 24th Demerara Waves caption “US govt invites Ali, Jagdeo to meet with Secretary of State, Congressional leaders.”  “Invites” is putting this development nicely, and with careful regard for the dignity of this nation’s two top leaders.  I commend Demerara Waves for going out of the way with this exercise in ...

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Analysis- Avoiding the Perils of the Resource Curse: Recommendations for Improving Guyana’s Local Content Law

by Dr. Vivian Williams With the implementation of its local content law, Guyana has come to a fork in the road. It could choose the path that narrows wealth inequality and reduces racial tension, or the path that exacerbates these maladies. The path taken, will determine whether the new oil producing nation becomes a victim of the resource curse. In ...

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OPINION: America readying to refocus elsewhere -it must

by GHK Lall I discern some impatience and frustration on the part of Americans with Guyana, specifically its leaders.  Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch carried the-then opposition PPP on her back, and almost singlehandedly powered it back into office.  The handholding and cajoling continue less publicly these days.  What I sense, though, is a weariness in the most visible and audible official ...

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Analysis- Diversity & Inclusion – Guyana’s Local Content Law: An Opportunity to Pursue Equity Governance and a Nationalist Agenda

by Attorney-at-Law Dr Vivian Williams Through this series of articles, we set out on a journey with the deafening drums of jingoism beating in our ears. The lyrics of local content justification combines with a melody that is irresistible. A nationalist agenda is a glorious thing when harnessed to address pressing national issues. One pressing issue in Guyana and across ...

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Trouble brewing -unknown kinds, unthought of kinds

by GHK Lall It was the majestic Mahalia Jackson and Sam Cooke, among illustrious others, who moaned in stirring song “Nobody knows the trouble I have seen”.  With respect to those musical towers, they haven’t seen, don’t know the troubles that we have brewing for this already troubled-riddled lost civilization called Guyana.  Thus, I do my duty and deliver the ...

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