Advertising Rates

demerara-logoWhen you advertise with Demerara Waves Online News, you are guaranteed to be associated with Guyana’s first and still leading source for major breaking news and news updates.

We just do not report rhetoric or events. We report the key and hard issues. That’s what keeps us ahead of the rest.

Because we know that you cherish your business and your brand, clearly you will consider spending your advertising dollar with Demerara Waves Online News gives because we are highly recognised in Guyana and in the Guyanese Diaspora for delivering high quality, accurate and timely news and current affairs.

Like our breaking news and news updates, millions of people view the ads that are on our website.  The numbers tell the story.  Thankfully, they are not our numbers.

They are from Google, the world’s most respected search engine. Based on Google’s statistics, ads on our website registered 2,896,373 Page views and 8,612,064 Impressions during first quarter of 2016.

Our rates are competitive compared to regular newspapers. That’s because newspapers generally charge more per day although more people are reading their news on Demerara Waves Online News.

So, the amount of money you spend to advertise in traditional hard copy newsprint per day can give you wider reach in Guyana and overseas for an entire month Online. Check out our rates!

NB: All companies and individuals desirous of advertising on Demerara Waves Online News are responsible for the design and submission of their own art/work in keeping with the required sizes below stated in pixels.

Book your spot today by e-mailing us on or calling us on +592-692-9400 or Skype: newstalkradio

728 X 90 pixels extreme top, right US$450
620 X 77 pixels top left US$425
300 X 650 pixels (right middle) US$450
700 X 91 pixels (middle) US$350
300 X 300 pixels (right square) US$325
700 X 91 pixels (lower area) US$260
160 X 600 pixels (vertical) US$300
 Inside Stories: 700 X 91 or 250 X 250 pixels  US$500