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OPINION: Political parties should compulsorily reflect Guyana’s makeup

By GHK Lall The no-confidence vote unleashed racial, political, and social forces aggregated and pent-up beneath Guyana’s exterior. A Pandora’s Box of brimstone and lightning immediately pummeled an already rickety, sickly society. Whirlwinds of words, seismic postural upheavals, and the traditional sulfuric spewing in one continuous eruption of molten passion released reflexively and unceasingly. The past three weeks have been ...

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OPINION: “Shared governance it must be”

By GHK Lall The pubic releases in the immediate aftermath of the political leadership talks of Wednesday represented a good beginning. The statements from the leaders of both parties were comforting and indicated an awareness that de-escalation of the sharp rhetoric was necessary and appropriate. This can only be applauded. Now the sobriety manifested in what appeared to have been ...

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OPINION: The Terrence Campbell Affair – a case of continuing agonies

By GHK Lall The abrupt resignation/withdrawal of businessman, Mr. Terrence Campbell, from the recently announced A New and United Guyana (ANUG) is indicative of much trauma, and the ongoing anguish in political, divided Guyana. I hear him. I understand his position. It is never easy or simple; it is simply one (the) integral aspect of the chronic uncertainties and dark, ...

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OPINION: Half+One: Guyana’s Constitutional Crisis

by Vivian Williams LLM Has the government of Guyana fallen or has it not? The chant from government supporters is “let the court decide” and retort from opponents is that the legal argument relied on are simply “foolish”. The law is often referred to as an ass when legal outcomes are undesirable and unexpected. Those who resort to a verbal ...

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OPINION: Guyana – a gathering place for all except locals

by GHK Lall There they are operating under different foreign flags in local waters: Norwegian ships charting and collecting; multinational ExxonMobil readying and salivating; American State Department (and outgoing US Ambassador) shifting and solidifying partnership gears through comforting sounds.  As if not to be left out of the festivities, Caricom countries and the British (I think) have spoken favorably. And ...

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OP-Ed: Frank Anthony is PPP’s best choice for presidential candidacy

by Frantz Bollers The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is at a historic period of picking a presidential candidate who will be his ‘own man’ and not be a puppet of its maximum leader, Bharrat Jagdeo. That process begins on Thursday, 27-December-2018. Yes, Mr. Jagdeo is the PPP’s princeps maximam. He was gerrymandered and catapulted into the presidency, general secretary and ...

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OPINION: Time to Heal Guyana from racism after no-confidence vote

By Heal Guyana By now you may be aware that the PPP’s No-Confidence motion has been carried last (Friday) night. As a result of this, there have already been countless racist outbursts on social media, not only from known political party activists but also from normal everyday people who are angry at the recent development. Heal Guyana is currently working ...

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OPINION: No-confidence motion is a journey to nowhere

By GHK Lall Some areas of the nation have been abuzz with chatter over the no-confidence motion and its possible implications. I, for one, did view it with scant interest and even less attention. Amounted to just so much ho-hum, though possessing of much sound, but puny intensity. Frankly, much ado about nothing and not worth the focus. Now I ...

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