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Demerara Harbour Bridge working despite vessel incident- officials

Last Updated on Sunday, 7 April 2024, 23:00 by Denis Chabrol A tug and a barge on Sunday drifted and struck the Demerara Harbour Bridge, resulting in the deployment of emergency workers but officials said the movement of vehicles across the east-west thoroughfare would not be affected severely. “Yes, there has been an incident. It has not put the Demerara ...

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US Patent and Trademark Office keen to help Guyana with Intellectual Property; Guyana’s outdated IP laws disincentivise investments

Last Updated on Sunday, 7 April 2024, 15:53 by Denis Chabrol The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is ready to assist a broad cross section of Guyanese understand the various aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) protection, amid observations that local IP laws are outdated. “Unfortunately, like everything else, laws tend to lag at issues and one of the ...

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