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OPINION:Balloons over America, Chinese in Guyana -what if, what then….

By GHK Lall I detect that the tensions between the United States and China is so thick that it would need a sledgehammer to crack.  The latest arising from these two standing global superpowers (one now established, no longer emerging) is that Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi didn’t help matters: no easing, only intensifying.  ...

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OPINION: This is an energy conference, not one on national security, why the secrecy, fears?

by GHK Lall Most would agree that the Guyana Energy Conference started off on the wrong foot.  In caustic terms: the independent press is not welcome; the free press should not bother to put in an appearance.  And when the door is opened, then members of the press, those known characters that trouble the PPP Government, and are feared by ...

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OPINION: Audit of Exxon’s expenses: the harder Minister Bharrat tries, the harder he falls

by GHK Lall Thanks Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Vickram Bharrat (Minister) for disclosing that the long overdue, much-anticipated, audit report of Exxon’s US$7.3B in expenses is on tap for March.  That is, March 2023.  What was initially scheduled for September 2022, then December of last year, is now estimated to be March.  I use ‘estimated’ since intervening circumstances could ...

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REFLECTION: Rohlehr’s heart of gold

by Wesley Gibbings Really? Prof. couldn’t wait till the music subsided and the emotions ebbed at the estuary of a season that took so long to arrive? Instead, midstream Caroni (whew, not Essequibo!) – between the contestations of pan, and the loud, often cacophonous proclamations of force-ripe griots, and the sharpening of the mas’ makers’ tools – was where he ...

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OPINION: The murder of Tyre Nichols in America, the death of conscience and truth in Guyana

by GHK Lall Tyre Nichols is dead, dead, dead, couldn’t be deader.  From, “I can’t breathe” in Minnesota there is this progress to “I’m just trying to go home….” in Memphis, Tennessee.  Now he goes home in a casket, and not on his own feet, but feet first.  One more fallen, one more statistic, one more poignant memory compiled, but ...

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OPINION: African Guyanese existence again systematically targeted, continually eroded

by GHK Lall The PPP Government and leadership can either be congratulated or condemned for its relentless commitment, its premediated visions, to target African Guyanese communities, interests, ways of life, and then systemically erode all three.  The latest involves cooperatives and idle lands (Demerara Waves, January 23), as presented by the Hon. Minister of Labor.  On the one hand, I ...

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OPINION: One Mocha today, many Mochas in aggregate, then what?

by GHK Lall Huge sections of the population watched, read, listened, and absorbed what has unfolded in Mocha.  Today, I make no point about passions, prejudices, or politics.  I am thinking of two things; one is business oriented, while the other has to be the worst issue tabled at this time; I raise with trepidation, with few caring.  I take ...

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