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Drunken policeman drives car into Sophia drain, damage fence

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:00 by GxMedia

A plain clothes policeman, whose mouth reeked of an alcoholic beverage, Sunday afternoon drove a car into a gutter and broke down a nearby fence.

Residents said a bullet proof vest and ammunition were removed from the car bearing number plate PLL 7698.

They pointed reporters to a number of Guinness bottles that they said that were removed from the car.

Upset residents pointed reporters to the man they said were driving the car. When attempts were made to take his photograph, he queried why that was being done and further asked “Don’t you know you supposed to be one hundred feet away from the crime scene?”. A civilian-dressed female officer then urged the man to cool his temper.

While uttering those words, the breath of the visibly unstable man smelled of an alcoholic substance.

Maylene Jordan wondered what steps would be taken to rebuild her fence at 542 ‘B’ Field, Sophia.

A female member of the police force who was on the scene was overheared telling incensed residents: “Wuh ya’ll getting on suh fuh? You gat to understand that police is human to and everybody is error …dem aint hire them from another country so if is goat yuh hire is goat yuh gat to tek.”

Goats became synonymous with the Home Affairs Ministry under whose purview the police force comes after Minister Clement Rohee had told reporters in the run-up to the November 2011 General Election that “goat nah bite me” in response to whether he had been interested in the presidential candidacy.

This latest incident comes at a time when the police force’s image has been taking a battering with allegations of sexual assault and common assault of detainees. Several policemen are due to be charged in connection with one of the incidents.

The Home Affairs Ministry has urged the Guyana Police Force to take steps to improve its administration of that law enforcement agency.

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