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Probation Officer for High Court trial for allegedly having sex with teenage girl

Last Updated on Wednesday, 5 August 2015, 1:11 by GxMedia

A Probation Officer, who was entrusted with the care of a 13 year old girl, would have to face a High Court trial for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a child.

Magistrate Allan Wilson on Tuesday ruled that there was sufficient evidence for Wesley Albert to face trial by a judge and jury.

Based on paper committal proceedings, the Magistrate made his ruling at the Matthew’s Ridge Magistrates’ Court about the alleged incident that occurred on May 12, 2014 at Big Creek, North West District.

The court found, based on a medical report and birth certificate, that there was sufficient evidence in establishing a case.

The Prosecutor was Assistant Superintendent of Police Stephen Telford.  The Probation Officer was represented by Attorney-at-Law Euclid Gomes.

Particulars of the offence are that Albert was taking the teenager from Arakaka to Port Kaituma to have her enrolled in a school. Due to the duration of the journey, they had to overnight and it was  during that period that he allegedly performed oral and vaginal sex on the girl.

The girl’s parents had sought the assistance of the Probation and Welfare system because of her behaviour.