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Committee to decide on weeding pavement while pedestrians’ lives are at risk- City Mayor

Last Updated on Wednesday, 5 August 2015, 12:09 by GxMedia

A woman risks competing with vehicular traffic because the pavement has been taken over by grass.

The Mayor of Georgetown, Hamilton Green has said that a “committee” would have to discuss the weeding of thick vegetation from the Lamaha Street pavement.

He was asked specifically when the pavement would be weeded.

Green’s response was greeted by a reaction from one resident who said “what committee? Get some cutlass and weed the place.” The grass-covered pavement poses a threat to pedestrians’ lives and limbs as they are being forced to walk on the road and compete with vehicular traffic for several weeks now.

While the Mayor said the clearing of the pavement would have to be discussed by a committee, City Council workers were Sunday seen weeding already low grass nearby City Hall on Regent Street.

During last week, City Council staff and vehicles were deployed to clean Carmichael Street, the drains around and the lawns of State House.