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West Bank Berbice miner dies in mining-pit cave-in

Last Updated on Saturday, 4 October 2014, 22:18 by GxMedia

Nolan Lindie brought to the surface after a four-hour search. He was rushed to the Mahdia Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A West Bank Berbice man became the fifth gold miner to have died for the year as a result of the cave-in of a mining pit.

He has been identified as 42-years old Nolan Lindie of Rosignol. Police said the wall of a mining pit at Mahdoa, Potaro caved in about 10:30 AM. “He was later taken out and conveyed to the Mahdia Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival,” police said in a statement.

Investigators said they were probing the incident

Lindie’s death is the second in as many days, the first having been on Thursday at Princeville, Potaro. There, 32-year old Rocklyn Orlando of Paradise Village, West Coast Berbice perished in a pit-cave in.