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Guyanese weightlifter “Mr Clean” released after serving time for smuggling cocaine

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 September 2014, 9:49 by GxMedia

(NEW YORK DAILY NEWS).- A Guyanese champion power lifter who has pumped 800 pounds of iron was brought down by 1.4 pounds of cocaine pellets he swallowed before boarding a flight to Kennedy Airport.

Colin Chesney, who may not be known by his nickname “Mr. Clean” in his homeland anymore, was sentenced Wednesday in Brooklyn Federal Court to time served — four months after his May arrest for drug smuggling.

“I’ve worked hard at becoming the best bodybuilder and weightlifter my whole life,” Chesney, 39, wrote in a letter to Judge Margo Brodie. “I finally reached a place to be recognized in my profession and I’ve watched it all torn down by the results of this horrific action on my part.”

Chesney had agreed to carry the drugs in his stomach to raise money for medical treatment for his ailing mother, according to court papers.

“Mr. Chesney has been personally affected by this more than any client I’ve had in long time,” Peter Kirchheimer said in court. “He calls me every day from jail asking about his case. It’s inconceivable he would do anything like this again.”

Chesney had attracted the suspicion of Customs and Border Protection officers after he arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Georgetown because he appeared “unusually nervous … physically shaking and sweating,” according to court papers.

He admitted ingesting the cocaine and was taken to a special lavatory where he passed 33 pellets containing cocaine. Chesney faced a maximum of six months in prison and the judge did not impose a fine.