Stop speeding on improved Linden to 72 mile junction road- Australian mining company

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 September 2014, 9:35 by GxMedia

The Australian mining company, Troy Resources Guyana Incorporated (TRGI), is calling on users of the Linden to 72 mile junction road to moderate their speed and use caution.

TRGI is currently repairing the road from Linden to 72 mile Junction. The road upgrade has so far led to a reduction in travel time.

The upgrading of the road has led to a massive increase in traffic and this is severely hampering road works beyond the Omai Crossing. TRGI is appealing to truck drivers, and other users of this road to temporarily minimize traffic on this part of the road and to instead utilise the alternative at Sherima crossing until the project is completed. Heavy usage during construction is accelerating the road’s destruction. Once completed, traffic can resume and the roads will last much longer. We will not be able to properly cap the road while it is being used.

This road project is completely funded by TRGI, as part of our investment in the Karouni Project. Hindrances and delays increase the cost to the Company and will affect our ability to properly complete the job. Road works are also ongoing in the 58 Mile location. The high speeds increase dust and make it difficult for machine operators to see. “Please reduce your speed.”

TRGI is appealing to road users to moderate their speed and to use caution on the roadway. This road is being upgraded with permission from the Ministry of Public Works.