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Daily Archives: September 14, 2014

Prisoner kills fellow Mazaruni Prison inmate

A prisoner was stabbed by a fellow inmate at the Mazaruni Prison on Sunday, police and prison sources confirmed. The victim has been identified as Theon Smith,21, and the alleged assailant’s name has been given as Akeem Edwards. The incident occurred around noon. A team of investigators from the Bartica Police Station was dispatched to the Mazauni Prison to probe ...

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The APNU and AFC have not made a sound Case for wanting elections now by Prof. David Hinds

The AFC wants General Elections. The APNU wants Local Government Elections. The PPP wants no election. The AFC and APNU have threatened to take action if their calls are not heeded.  Political parties should be interested in elections for at least two primary reasons– to get into or remain in political office and to ensure that the rules of engagement ...

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Bull Dog killed after robbery

At about 2335h. last night Saturday September 13, 2014, two men, one of whom was armed with a handgun, held up a man in a shop at James and Non Pariel Streets, Albouystown, and took away his gold  jewellery and escaped.. The body of one of the perpetrators was later found on Sussex Street, Albouystown, with a suspected gunshot wound ...

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