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Updated: Suspect in stabbing death of gays commits suicide

Last Updated on Sunday, 20 July 2014, 12:00 by GxMedia

The body of one of the gays who was stabbed to death (News Source photo)

The two gays, who were stabbed to death early Sunday morning, were not the intended victims but were attacked by a man who was angry that his  long-time gay lover had jilted him.

Fatally stabbed are Jason Samuels of Lamaha Street, Alberttown and 24-year old Carlyle Sinclair of Vergenoegen, East Bank Essequibo.  Samuels’ body was found near Leopold and High Streets, and Sinclair’s on Lombard Street during the early hours of Sunday.

Hours later about 5:30 AM, their assailant, Samuel Bristol, set himself on fire outside the Bourda Post Office, Georgetown. Before succumbing at the Georgetown Public Hospital, he told health care workers that he killed Samuels and Sinclair.

Romario “Thin Slice” Lovell, 20, told reporters that he and  Bristol,31, were having a rocky relationship for five years. During that time, Lovell said he left their home and sold sexual services on the road.  He explained that he ended the relationship with Bristol because he never had time for himself and friends. “He was abusive. He used to knock me and my friends used to have to get in the way,” he said.

Lovell said after Bristol appealed to him and his family to return home, he decided to do so but eventually returned to the streets.  Lovell said that as a result tensions increased over time, resulting in Bristol contacting him and expressing concern about the deterioration of their relationship.

After Bristol failed in his efforts to meet Lovell, he allegedly turned up outside the St. George’s Cathedral. “He was talking to me too nice and I know that’s not him and so I came out on the road to ‘fair’ and he passed on the road and he saw me,” said Lovell. When Bristol was confronted by other sex workers,  Lovell said he was threatened by his ex-lover.
Moments later, Lovell said he received a message that Bristol mistakenly took another person for him and burnt him. “He came on the road to end my life (but) he didn’t get a chance to so he killed two of my friends,” he said.

Samuels’ mother, Carol Woolford, lamented that she had lost a caring and talented son who was a model, dancer and hairdresser. “My son doesn’t trouble with anybody…I will miss my son because I work hard to give Jason his eight subjects….I miss my son,” she said.

She recalled  being told by her sister that Samuels had left home about 3 PM to make arrangements for a barbecue to be held on Emancipation Day.

Demerara Waves Online News was told that while the fatal stabbings were linked to a soured relationship, the gay community also believes that the incidents were inspired from Junior Finance Minister, Juan Edghill’s remarks about the gay and lesbian community.

Edghill has denied uttering hate speech and has maintained that he opposes children being adopted and raised by same-sex couples, but he is in favour of gays and lesbians receiving health care, housing and jobs.

A source confirmed that Bristol had attempted to douse someone known to him with gasoline and set him alight in the vicinity of the Cathedral. After failing to strike his target due to a squabble, he allegedly left the area in a security company vehicle.

The source alleged that during the ruckus, the security company vehicle hit a car belonging to one of the gays.

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