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Contractor, wife narrowly escape death in hit-and-run

Last Updated on Monday, 2 June 2014, 1:19 by GxMedia

Sharmila Baksh

A contractor and his wife, who were riding home after visiting her overseas-based grandmother, encountered a close shave with death when a car slammed into the couple on the Atlantic Ville Public Road and sped away from the scene early Sunday night.

Those injured are 29-year old Sharmila Baksh and 52-year old Nizam Ishak of Section K Campelville.

“We were just riding normal speed limit and something just come hit us from behind, drove away and we just spun out of control but it is a good thing that my husband my husband hold the brakes until we stopped,” she said.

The woman, who sustained injuries to her face and hands, related that her husband’s helmet fell off and he “got a big hole in his head” and other injuries to his stomach and feet. She said he was unconscious for a few minutes. She said they could have been critically injured if they were not wearing helmets

While her husband was in the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Georgetown Hospital receiving treatment, she told reporters that they were riding a scooter from Cove and John to their home.

She said they were returning from a visit to her overseas-based grandmother who arrived in Guyana a few days ago.

Baksh was unsure whether the car that hit then was drag-racing. She said a second car that ended up in a nearby trench was not connected to the accident she and her husband were involved in.