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Guyanese fishermen arrested in Suriname

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 September 2019, 7:41 by Writer

The line drawn by the United Nations Tribunal on the Law of the Sea that settled the Guyana-Suriname maritime boundary dispute.

Five Guyanese have been arrested by Surinamese authorities for allegedly illegally fishing in the waters of that former Dutch colony.

Suriname’s news service, Starnieuws only identified the men as 58-year old Ricky E., 24-year old Jason, D., 47-year old Orrin B, 31-year old Mahindra T. and the captain 36-year old Sunil, P.

The news service reports that they were arrested by the police and the Coast Guard and advised by State prosecutors.

Investigators say they are suspected of violating the fish stock protection law, the Economic Offenses Act and the Aliens Act.

Surinamese authorities say the five Guyanese men were probably fishing in Surinamese waters and they were in Suriname illegally.

Pending the investigation, their fishing boat, an outboard motor, a fishing net and a quantity of fish and fish bladder have been seized.

The case has been transferred to Suriname’s police department’s maritime unit in the western region for further investigation.