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Guyana Medical Mission completes 51 successful surgeries at New Amsterdam Hospital during one week visit

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 November 2017, 8:57 by Denis Chabrol

Members of the Guyana Medical Mission

Doctors from the Guyana Medical Mission, during their annual one- week stay in Guyana, successfully completed 51 surgeries at the New Amsterdam Hospital while providing technical support to the local doctors and nurses present at the health Institution.

This information was reported to members of the media at the Hospital’s Boardroom on Friday, November 10 as the medical mission’s annual trip came to a close.

The Guyana Medical Mission is a group of dedicated medical professionals who venture to the Guyana each year to bring healthcare to the citizens. It was founded in 2005 by a group of three doctors but began operations in 2007.

Head of the Mission, Gynaecologist Dr. Patrick Anderson stated that the team that started off with three members and expanded over the years have learnt a considerable amount of knowledge from the local doctors at the hospital.

“Even though we were here to give our knowledge to these doctors, we have learnt so much from them especially how to make the best of the limited resources we are presented with and I wanna say that these doctors are incredible and they are dealing with the limited resources but still striving to provide the best service to the patients and that’s what we’re all about. Providing proper health care services to those in need no mater what the circumstance”.

Dr. Anderson further urged the medical staff at the New Amsterdam Hospital to continue to ‘work hard in spite of the difficulties presented’.

Meanwhile, Matron of the New Amsterdam Hospital, Anetta Lyken thanked the Guyana Medical Mission for their continued services offered to the health system and stated that the services offered over the past week have helped to boost health care services in Regions five and six.

She then urged the doctors and nurses to ‘put into practice what they were taught by interacting and working alongside the doctors from the Guyana Medical Mission’.

Of the fifty-one surgeries completed, 26 were gynaecology cases, twenty-two general surgery cases and the remainder Orthopaedics.

The team comprised of four Gynecologists, two surgeons, one Orthopedic, one Urologist and is set to see five other medical professionals coming on board for the 2018 visit.

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