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Cabinet changes coming-Granger

President David Granger has announced for 2016 two government Ministries will be renamed in an effort to place more attention on certain sectors.

President Granger during the swearing in of two new commissioners on the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) stated that the Communication sector would see a Ministry being renamed in its favor.

The other sector would be the natural resources sector.

Granger stated that the renaming would effectively reflect the direction of the government and where it would like to see emphasis being placed.

He said “quite recently we have taken a decision to announce certain changes in our cabinet to emphasize that our administration” is doing.

The President stated that the Communication sector is moving ahead worldwide and Guyana should not remain in a stagnant state, given the importance of the sector.

“The rest of the world is moving ahead at a fast rate…but the speed at which communication an other public utilities perform these days we have to keep abreast,” he stated.

  • weir

    When is Granger going to change those square pegs in round hole who don,t know what to do with the country? They are only making Guyana going back to the poverty of the late 80,s early 90,s.Guyana is back on another decline.

  • paulrights

    Mr President. your Government need a professional body, independent from political hacks and cronies to research and understudy other countries developments,
    Recall all your foreign service heads of missions, hold conference with them, asked them what is the purpose of their assignment, what had they done in the interest of Guyana? what are the specific project proposals they forwarded to the respective Country representatives? how long had they submitted these proposals and what was the respond from these request?.
    If they cannot give you a positive score of fifty percent, dismiss them forthwith and replace them with qualified and competent people who have a vision and interest that would benefit our people and country as a whole.

    We are having about thirty foreign mission abroad that is costing us hundreds of millions of dollars every and we benefits nothing of very little in comparison of what these country is having and benefits from us. RAPING THE COUNTRY of it`s natural resources,

    We need assistance with added value for our raw materials, we need more medical assistance with equipment’s, personnel’s and infrastructures, we need scholarships for our people of all races, we need assistance in crime fighting, which must be financed by these missions, and not telling us it is 10 to 20 MODULES and each one would cost MILLIONS of USD or POUNDS and wanted to just to sells their ARMS AND AMMUNITIONS.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you President Granger and family and the Government and all Guyanese Seasons Greetings and a safe and peacefull future with a happy NEW YEAR.

    • SeeLochan Beharry

      Thanks. Well said and straight from the heart.
      Seelochan Beharry

  • KassemB

    What is the purpose of name change?
    You need competent administrators with proper professional skills

  • Emile_Mervin

    Give Moses Nagamootoo, Prime Minister, the agriculture and natural resources portfolio and add the information portfolio to tourism.

    Two ministries that really make me scratch my head are Governance and Citizenship!

  • ExPPP_Man

    Minister of the Presidency (only country on earth this exist), Ministry of Social Protection, Ministry of Social Cohesion (actually Ministry of Racism), what’s next this old geezer going to waste tax payer’s money on ?

  • waterman14

    Mr President all I’ve been hearing from your administration so far is talk and no forward progress. The fact that you are going to have cabinet changes this early clearly indicates to me that you think you might have some wrong people in the wrong place. And you are quite right. However, it doesn’t matter how much you shuffle people around, if these people are not getting the appropriate and sensible decision-making advice the country will see no measurable progress. In Trinidad & Tobago, PM Kamla Perdaud-Bissessar reshuffled her cabinet and she lost the general elections. The APNU/AFC is heading along a similar path.