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Dismissed NSC director slams Govt for “indiscriminate firing,” says budget has nothing for sports

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 August 2015, 19:27 by GxMedia

Former Director of the National Sports Commission, Neend ‘Neil’ Kumar speaking in the National Assembly on Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

Dismissed National Sports Commission (NSC) Director Neend ‘Neil’ Kumar defended his appointment to the office under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government and slammed the current administration for what he claimed was his dismissal based on “discrimination.”

The opposition member was on Tuesday August 18 delivering his budget debate presentation in the National Assembly when he charged that the government was indiscriminately firing public servants.

He said when the post of NSC director was open; he along with several others applied and he (Kumar) was recommended to then Minister of Sports Dale Bisnauth. “The process went through, not like what you are doing now, victimizing and kicking out people willy nilly.

“Stop this discrimination,” he yelled, “Do things the right way.” Kumar, who held the post of NSC director for over two decades, was fired  in June last and replaced by Christopher Jones. Kumar is no stranger to negative allegations, having been accused of acting illegally just before his dismissal. Kumar had cause to defend himself when allegations that numerous documents detailing the spending of millions of dollars at the NSC, went missing. Several pieces of equipment and material were said to be missing also.

Meanwhile, Kumar bashed the government saying that nowhere in the budget is the word “sports” mentioned. He said nothing meaningful has been offered to the sector claiming that prior to him taking up the post in 1993; the NSC was a “bond,” with no vehicle or even a chair.

He said, “Thanks to the caring and responsible People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government, when my services were terminated, the NSC can boast that they now have two working 4x4s in working condition and two 26 seater bus.”

 Kumar went on to outline the “track record” of the former government. While he said nothing is in the 2015 budget for  sports he gave kudos to his party for building the synthetic track with a football field on the West Coast of Demerara, the National Stadium and the Aquatic Centre among others.

Junior Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry provided very few concrete details about plans she has for sports and culture during her contribution to the debate.