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GAWU condemns possible sabotage at Enmore Sugar factory, calls for “thorough” investigations

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 August 2015, 23:42 by GxMedia

One of the pieces of metal found in punts at the Enmore Estate

by Zena Henry

Head of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers’ Union (GAWU) Komal Chand has condemned a recent attempted sabotage at the Enmore Sugar Estate of the Guyana Sugar Corporation.

The union president told Demerera Waves Tuesday August 11 that he was aware of the reports alleging that huge metal materials with the capability of seriously damaging grinders at the sugar factory were dumped into cane punts.

“We condemn any attempt to destroy or hinder production at the factory,” he told this news agency. He charged that, “At the end of the day, the main victims of any sabotage will be the workers, who have been home for weeks awaiting harvesting.”

Chand described any attempt to destroy the grinders as “totally unacceptable,” before calling for the investigation. “This is totally inacceptable by whoever is guilty of this act, and I think a thorough investigation is needed in this matter.”

Chand said he would be seeking detailed information from his people on the ground to ascertain the facts of the matter.

Media reports stated that one day ago huge, heavy pieces of hard metal were discovered in sugar cane punts, covered with cane stalks ready to be dumped into sugar grinders.

It is believed that these objects, with the potential of causing great damage to the grinders, were deliberately placed in the punts. It was reported that GuySuCo personnel operating the punts grew suspicious of the weight the punts were carrying and after making checks discovered the objects.