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Heavy duty traffic allowed on Lethem road

Last Updated on Monday, 25 May 2015, 10:46 by GxMedia

Heavy duty vehicles have been given the green light to ply the Linden-Lethem road now that the construction of temporary bypasses on two eroded areas has been completed, according to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

The temporary bypasses are to facilitate traffic flow at Miles 1 and 12 on the Lethem road-which is eroded- are completed.

The Ministry said steps are being taken to prevent a halt to traffic again in the future due to erosion. “Plans are afoot to build two bridges instead of culverts as part of the Ministry’s long term solution,” the ministry said.

Authorities said engineers from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and V. Dalip Enterprise were able to

complete the short-term structure yesterday afternoon.

Heavy duty vehicles can now ply the route.