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Caribbean News Desk radio prog: Guyanese trafficked to work in slave-like conditions in Suriname

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 November 2014, 21:22 by GxMedia

Several Guyanese from Indigenous Amerindian communities have complained that they were trafficked to neighbouring Suriname to work under harsh conditions.

Guyanese police said the men were recruited to work on farms in the Dutch-speaking country.

Investigators said the five undocumented Guyanese received limited food and were required to work for long hours without being paid.

The victims have identified the perpetrator. Guyanese and Surinamese law enforcers are said to be investigating the allegations

The Foreign Affairs Ministry in Georgetown urged Guyanese to wary of lucrative job offers outside Guyana with promise of obtaining travel documents and work permits.

Residents of interior Amerindian communities were urged to be extra vigilant.

Surinamese authorities had informed the Guyana Embassy on November 21 that five persons, claiming to be Guyanese, were at a Surinamese police station and were being send to Guyana the following day.

Although the victims of People Trafficking had no travel or identification documents, the Foreign Ministry facilitated their departure to their homeland.


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