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Gunmen beat, rob Mahaicony pawnbroker of millions

Last Updated on Friday, 26 September 2014, 20:41 by GxMedia

Gunmen Friday afternoon beat and robbed a gold smith and pawnbroker at Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara of millions of dollars in cash and jewellery before firing several shots in the air during their escape, police sources said,

Sixty-three year old Gopaul Brijmohan of Lot 5 Dundee, Mahaicony was beaten about his head after he refused to hand over the valuables to the two bandits.

They carted off GUY$6 million worth of jewellery, GUY$ 780,000 cash and US$$1,100 before fleeing.

Police sources said road-blocks were established along the road to Berbice, but up to late Friday afternoon no one was captured.

Investigations so far revealed that one of the men went to the pawnshop and pawned three gold rings weighing four pennyweights for GUY$19,000.

On receiving the money, the man demanded that Brijmohan open the door. After the businessman refused to do so, the bandit and his accomplice kicked down the door and entered the premises.

There, they demanded the cash and jewellery but the man refused. Eventually, he handed over the valuables when they took him upstairs where his sick and bed-ridden wife was and gun-butted him to his head.

 The men fired three shots in the air before escaping in a car in the direction of Berbice, police were told.