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Murder victim’s tomb vandalized, head chopped off and taken away

Last Updated on Monday, 15 September 2014, 0:48 by GxMedia

The vandalized tomb

Police in Mabaruma are probing the desecration of a tomb and the stealing of the corpse’s head, according to well-placed sources.

Investigators have so far been only able to retrieve an axe and one pair of gloves nearby one of the tombs.

The tomb of Chris Allicock was broken into, the body partly removed and the head chopped off and taken away.  Allicock was allegedly murdered by Raul Khan last year.

Police received a report early Sunday afternoon but residents believe that the act was committed Saturday night.

A number of residents is theorizing that the act could be the work of someone engaged in occult.

Khan allegedly used a stone and smashed in his good friend’s head on October 6, 2013 during an argument.