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“Every single vote is important”- APNU

Last Updated on Saturday, 6 September 2014, 12:09 by GxMedia

Christopher Jones addressing APNU’s meeting at the Stabroek Market Square.

A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) appears to be on an aggressive campaign to ensure its supporters are registered and turn out to vote in widely expected early general and regional elections.

Addressing a public meeting at the Stabroek Market Square, APNU parliamentarian Christopher Jones suggested that his political leader, David Granger could have won the presidency in 2011 if more persons had voted.

Jones said a mere 26,000 votes had stood between Granger and Donald Ramotar of the incumbent People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPPC) at the last elections, but more than 120,000 eligible voters did not cast ballots. “Every single vote is important,” he said.

In a stirring appeal to the small and attentive gathering, Jones stressed that “election is serious business” and so Guyanese must make every effort to get registered, ensure their names are on the voters list, collect their national identification cards and cast their ballots.

APNU is also banking on what it says is widespread disenchantment by traditional PPPC supporters over the way the country is run.  “Gone are the days of the PPP stronghold. This is Guyana and Guyanese are looking for change and they want betterment,” said Jones.

 Other speakers- James Bond and Annette Ferguson-accused government of corruption, poor infrastructural development and rampant crime.

The PPPC garnered 166,340 votes, APNU 139,678 and AFC 35,333 at the last election.