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UG students to pay higher tuition fees

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The University of Guyana’s Bursary

Most new and continuing University of Guyana (UG) students will have to pay higher tuition fees from this academic year to help the institution provide a higher quality of education at a time of rising operational costs and inflation.

UG said in a statement that new students would have to pay GUY$210,000 per academic year and continuing students GUY$180,000 over the same period.

“The fee adjustment has become necessary due to the rising cost of providing quality education not only in Guyana but worldwide. Additionally, inflation has negatively affected the allocation to the University from the Government, making the current tuition fees paid by students unsustainable and unrealistic,” said UG in a statement.

This is the first time that the country’s premier tertiary institution has increased tuition fees since they were reintroduced in 1994.  At that time, most programmes were offered at GUY$127,000 or US$1,000.  But since then, the Guyana dollar has depreciated to GUY$210.00 against the US$1.00

Meanwhile, registration is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 for both new and continuing students.

UG Registrar, Vincent Alexander said UG expects that the added revenue will be used to create new academic services and facilities, help hire new faculty and expand and improve programme offerings- “in general, to improve the quality of services offered by the University.”

UG acknowledged that many students and families experience difficulties to finance tertiary education. At the same time, the institution stressed that it can only continue to deliver to its students if the university is able to cover its operational costs. “The university has been and continues to absorb as much of its increased operational costs as it can to manage its financial resources,” UG added.

UG appealed to all stakeholders for understanding and support as the university doubles its efforts to provide quality education to our students.

According to the UG administration, application of the new fees was determined following a series of consultations held with current students and other stakeholders in June 2014.

Continuing Guyanese students will pay an incremented increase beginning with $130,000 in 2014, $145,000 in 2015 and $160,000 in 2016, in addition to the $50,000 Facilities Fee, which replaces the various miscellaneous fees, previously paid.             Fees for the following programmes will not be adjusted: Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science Degree in Optometry, Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Imaging, Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy, Bachelor of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences, Bachelor of Science Dental Surgery, Masters of Science in Environmental Management, Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management-Climate Change and Disaster Management & Natural Resource Management, Bachelor of Law, Commonwealth Master of Business Administration, Commonwealth Master of Public Administration, Master in Education, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Studies and the Associate Degree in Tourism Studies. However, students pursuing these programmes will be required to pay the Facilities Fee (see attached).

New students (Guyanese) are required to pay $210,000, inclusive of the Facilities Fee for most programmes, except for those listed above.

While the fees for foreign students have not been adjusted, they will be required to pay the US$ 250 facilities fees instead of the various miscellaneous fees, which were previously paid.


           Fees for Guyanese students:

v  NEW STUDENTS: $210,000 per year         

v  CONTINUING STUDENTS: $180,000 per year

The fees above apply to most programmes except for the following programmes:

                  Programme                                                                                        Tuition Fee

·         Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery                             –                       $550,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Optometry                               –                       $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Imaging                                    –         $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing                                                 –        $300,345

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy                                –                      $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences                         –            $300,000

·         Bachelor of Science Dental Surgery                                        –                       $550,000

·         Masters of Science in Environmental Management                  –                       $350,000

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management                         –           $900,000

Climate Change Disaster

·         Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management                         –            $900,000

           & Natural Resource Management

·         Bachelor of Law                                                                      –                 $350,000

·         Commonwealth Master of Business Administration                –                       $450,000

·         Commonwealth Master of Public Administration                                 –          $450,000

·         Master in Education                                                                 –                   $350,000

·         Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism Studies                            –                       $202,854

·         Associate Degree in Tourism Studies                                       –                       $202,854

NB: All fees are inclusive of the Facilities Fees of $50,000.

 Fees for foreign students:

·         Agriculture and Forestry                                              –                             US$ 4,250

·         Health Sciences                                                           –                             US$ 4,250

·         Health Sciences – Bachelor of Medicine                     –                               US$ 6,450

·         Health Sciences – Dental Surgery                              –                               US$ 6,450

·         Natural Sciences                                                          –                             US$ 4,250

·         Social Sciences                                                                         –                US$ 4,250

·         School of Education & Humanities                             –                                 US$ 4,250


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