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Heavy duty trucks, equipment banned from Charity Wharf roadway

Last Updated on Tuesday, 17 June 2014, 20:35 by GxMedia

Heavy duty trucks and equipment have been banned from using the roadway to the Charity Wharf because they are partly responsible for the deterioration of the Charity River Defence.

“Engineers have determined that heavy duty equipment/trucks that traverse the area – to the port facility – contribute to the vulnerability of defence,” said the Public Works Ministry in a statement.

Residents have, however, said that the deterioration was due to the construction of a gas station and concrete wharf there with permission from the Sea and River Defence Unit of the ministry.

The ministry said that, as an interim solution to the residents’ concern, a sign prohibiting heavy duty trucks and equipment from using the roadway to the wharf – was erected yesterday, June 16, 2014.

Meanwhile, the ministry said its river and Sea Defence Unit has been assessing the best options to rehabilitate sections of the Charity River Defence which have been deteriorating over the past few weeks.

Residents there have complained that the Charity River dam has dropped two feet and the defence is being rapidly eroded into the Pomeroon Rover.

Government conceded that the wharf is an economic drive in the community since it is a conduit for businesses to transport goods and services to the North West district.