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US carrier to use Roraima Airways’ approval for Caribbean

Last Updated on Saturday, 7 June 2014, 20:23 by GxMedia

CEO of Roraima AIrways, Gerry Gouveia and Dynamic Airways’ Vice President (Business Development), Tom Johnson.

The American-owned Dynamic Airways plans to expand its service to the Caribbean by piggybacking on Roraima Airways’ Guyanese Air Operators Certificate (AOC), according to a senior official of the local carrier.

Chief Executive Officer of Roraima Airways, Gerald Gouveia said Dynamic Airways, through his airline, would fly to countries like Barbados and Trinidad as a Guyanese carrier on the Air Operator’s Certificate that has been issued to Roraima.

Gouveia said if the two airlines do not leverage the AOC that has been issued to Roraima Airways, the Dynamic Airways would have to apply to the Federal Aviation Administration for Fifth Freedom Rights because Guyana is not rated as Category 1 to allow a locally-registered carrier to access the US market. “If they have to come from the US and seek permission to go to Barbados or Trinidad, it’s a US carrier coming through another country but in this case they are originating from Guyana on a Guyana AOC,” he said. Before continuing their onward journey to New York, the flights would revert back to their Dynamic Airways call sign.

Gouveia said Roraima Airways-Dynamic Airways would not be applying for flag carrier status in a hurry but would prefer to earn it by offering a Guyanese oriented service through its general sales agency, ground handling, security and promotion. “Flag carrier status is something you have to earn by being reliable, by being dependable. You have to earn it by offering a service that is  Guyanese,” he said.

He plans to also first expand its service to Toronto, the Caribbean and Brazil before thinking about applying for flag carrier status.

Dynamic Airways begins flying the Georgetown- New York route on June 26. Introductory fares are US$565 from Georgetown to New York, and US$499 from New York to Guyana. Passengers will be allowed two checked bags at 55 pounds each and a carry-on of no more than 25 pounds.