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Alleged baby abductor faked pregnancy

Last Updated on Sunday, 1 June 2014, 16:11 by GxMedia

Sandra “Pinky” Mc Lean, her husband and their baby outside the Whim Police Station.

The woman, who abducted the baby boy from his mother eight days ago, had allegedly faked a pregnancy and turned up to her common-law husband with the newborn, Demerara Waves has learnt.

The less than one month old child was rescued Sunday about 9 AM by police who swooped down on a house at Chesney Village Front, Corentyne.

Investigators have learnt that the alleged abductor, who hails from West Coast Demerara, had last week arrived home and told her common-law husband that she had given birth to the baby-boy at Woodlands Hospital, Georgetown, Demerara.

The baby’s mother, Sandra “Pinkey” Mc Lean, confirmed to DemWaves by telephone that the woman in whose possession the baby was found  was the same person who had befriended her days before the incident on May 24 at the Port Mourant Market. She also confirmed that the baby is hers.

 The baby was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital for a medical check-up and statements taken from his parents and the suspects. The baby was then released officially into the care of his parents and they were allowed to leave the station.

The suspect had first seen Mc Lean and her newborn at the Skeldon Hospital where she had admired the baby. After making friends with Mc Lean, she went hurriedly went to the woman’s home and told her that they must go to Port Mourant Market to shop items for the Nine-Day observance.

Mc Lean, of No. 60 Village, Corentyne, said that she had reluctantly allowed the woman to keep the baby for a few minutes. She said the woman had insisted that the smell of the fish market would not have been good for the newborn.

When the mother handed over the baby, went shopping and returned the woman had already vanished with the baby boy who was born on May 16, 2014.