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Missing children found on North West hilltop

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 20:59 by GxMedia

Three children, who went missing during a fishing trip in Hosororo, North West District, were eventually found on a hill and they were later reunited with their families, residents said.

While the two brothers fell asleep after crying, an older friend remained awake blowing shells and calling for help.

They left their homes about 10 AM Saturday to go fishing at a farm behind Hosororo and were spotted on Kurusima Hill by three hunters around 11 PM during a massive search by family members and residents of the community.

Seen sleeping were Ronaldo Peters,11, Denzil Peters,9 and 15-year old Travis Inniss. The Peters attend Hosororo Primary School and Inniss is a student of North West Secondary School, Mabaruma.

“Please, those of us who can join in the search please do so and who can’t please join in praying for their safety and recovery,” was one of the many appeals that were broadcast on various social media platforms.

After they were found by hunters Toney Robinson and Archie Moonsammy fast asleep under a tree atop the hill, they explained that they had left the creek about 2 PM Saturday when they lost direction. “They were apparently walking in the opposite direction and ended up at Kurusima Hill which is a small hill about 10  miles away from Hosororo,” said one resident familiar with the terrain.

Robinson called the search parties when he found the children. After walking two hours, they arrived home close to midnight.

Several years ago, two Amerindian children were lost for several days in Guyana’s jungle. They were eventually found.