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Mavado laments light-aircraft flight to Guyana for a no-show

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia


Jamaican dancehall/reggae singer, Mavado, on Sunday said he was unable to sing in Guyana on Saturday night because he arrived quite late on a light aircraft that usually flies to the interior.

Sources said that Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, is owed US$25,000 by Slingerz promotions, the advance payment of an identical sum having been already made.

Other promoters are feverishly making plans for the artiste to perform possibly on Monday for an entrance fee of GUY$1,000 instead of the GUY$2,500 that was the asking price for Saturday’s show.

DJ Garwin of Slingerz told Demerara Waves ( briefly that Mavado missed his flight and no other suitable plane could have been found. The promoter said the singer was told about the type of plane that would have been sent for him after he missed the commercial flight. Slingerz suggested that Mavado might have changed his mind from coming to Guyana, resulting in the missed flight.

When asked why Mavado did not appear on stage after his arrival in Guyana, DJ Garwin said he preferred to sit down and discuss the issue at a later date. Phone calls to him also failed twice, resulting in the interview being discontinued.

Mavado, for his part, blamed his non-appearance on stage on the promoter. “Some of these people that are promoting shows have to understand how to promote shows. They don’t put people in a certain situation and make it seems as if they are the wrong ones,” he said.

He lamented that he and 14 others flew for 19 hours from Jamaica on a plane that did not have a bathroom, but he decided to so for the “love” of Guyanese fans. “When we reached, we don’t see the promoter, we don’t hear anything from the promoter until 10:15 PM when the promoter came to the hotel and said the show messed up,” he said. But the singer did not buy that excuse because the show was expected to finish until 4 AM.

He confirmed missing an earlier flight because the bus that should have taken him to the airport did not arrive on time.

Mavado denied claims in some circles that he decided to stay away for fear of being injured.

The singer said he has decided not to sue Slingerz for the remainder of the money contractually due to him. “For me to really sue a promoter from Guyana, I really feel a way because of the respect and love for this country,” he said.

Mavado has since sent back his wife and is expected to be in Guyana until Wednesday.

He does not plan to engage in any promotional relationship with Slingerz again.

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