National basketball player among several injured in two accidents; injured robbed on Agricola Road

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

The badly mangled Route 45 minibus.

A national basketball player is among 22 persons injured in two separate accidents- one a collision between two cars at Mahaicony and the other a smash-up of two minibuses at Agricola.

The accident victims at Agricola were robbed  by several persons.

The sportsman, 34-year old Royston Silas, was up to late Sunday night being treated at the Accident and Emergency Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation for unspecified injuries. As with the other victims, his condition was not immediately known.

Silas and a friend were heading to Georgetown when the car he was driving slammed into an oncoming car that was taking several family members and friends back to Berbice.

Two of them were referred by the Mahaicony Cottage Hospital to GPHC. They are Sanjay Backreedy, 13, and 55-year old Bibi Seegobin.

In the case of the Agricola accident, eyewitnesses said a Route 32 minibus, BJJ 6588, was driving in front of the Route 45 minibus, BRR 1955, that was returning from a creek on the Linden-Soesdyke Highway. The eyewitnesses further related that the speeding Route 45 bus clipped the back of the Route 32 bus, slamming it into the Alpha Hotel fence. The Route 45 bus spun in the air at least thrice before landing on its roof.

The Route 45 bus was carrying 17 persons and the Route 32 had 12 passengers.

Those injured in that accident are Echenaya Bourne,3, Kaddeen De Jonge,3, Cynilla Bourne,10, Kevin Granderson, , Althea Bourne, 31, Lily Park,30, Asif Juman,21, Shaune Bourne,71, Lorson De Jonge,24,  De Santos (last name only), Trimelle De Jonge,24, Rocky Moore,44, Mickesha Moore,1, Kenwin Isaacs,18, Dhaney-Ann Abrams,15, Zahid Ali,25, Montelle Lawrence,18 Wynol Park,34, and 25-year old Romain Hinds.

Eyewitnesses also said that moments after the accident, several youths stormed the two buses and began stripping the vehicles and robbing the hapless passengers.

Heston Rodrigues, who was one of the hundreds of motorists caught up in long lines of traffic, was so moved by the robberies that he posted this slightly edited comment on his Facebook. “”You have to wonder whether the ghetto youth of Agricola have any compassionate bones in their bodies…grisly scene at Agricola Rd head involving two badly mangled mini-buses, which ordinarily would bring out the humanity in us, but nah…you should’ve seen the glee on these faces, just another opportunity to rob, pillage and steal from hapless drivers stuck in traffic,” said Rodrigues.