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Policeman allegedly beats two at Lethem

Last Updated on Saturday, 26 December 2015, 21:01 by GxMedia

Roxanne Farias

A St Ignatius , Region 9 family  is calling on the Guyana Police  Force to investigate the savage beating which was meted out to two members of the family allegedly by a policeman at Lethem on Saturday night.

Reports are that on Saturday evening, a young man from the community , one Jon Farias  and his sister ,Roxanne Farias ,were savagely  beaten by a policeman known as “sugar” at Lethem after the latter intervened in a argument between her brother and another individual.

Persons in the area reported that the male sibling -was beaten unconscious by the officer  who they described as burly and being hot-tempered.

During the beating the young man’s sister , Roxanne , who is employed by the Ministry of Agriculture in the region as a  Plant Operator , went to rescue her brother and she was reportedly beaten about her body including her head and face. Pictures to substantiate their claims were taken at the scene and circulated via the internet. The incident was witnessed by many in the area and was reported to the police officer’s superiors at the Lethem Police station.

Reports are that the officer denied the incident in the presence of a senior officer.

The siblings father is said to be a well-respected member of the St Ignatius community , former Makushi chief , Ernesto Farias.

Residents at St Ignatius noted last evening that the incident has sparked outrage within sections of the area since similar incidents have occurred in the recent past with no action taken by the authorities.