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Op-Ed: No Man is an Island…or should be sent to one

by US Ambassador Brent Hardt. GEORGETOWN – As my tenure in Guyana draws to an end, I was saddened to hear the recent outburst from a prominent religious leader suggesting that his fellow citizens with different sexual orientations should be sent to live on an island. It was of course John Donne who famously observed that “No man is an ...

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Burnham Foundation talks up on Rodney Commission of Inquiry

The Burnham Foundation’s initial disposition, to the announcement of the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry into the death of Walter Rodney, was one of optimism.  The Foundation envisaged that the issue of Rodney’s death would be finally put to rest, although it was and is the view of the Foundation that many lives pre, peri and post 1978 have ...

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For Tribe or Country

by Sara Bharrat (reproduced from the blog: ) “My name is… Bharrat. I am an East Indian Guyanese…” (The beginning of a Primary School composition in the early 90s). The relative of a high ranking public official engaged me in conversation on January 15, 2014. We spoke briefly about the connotations of a certain word. They believe the word is an ...

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Attorney General bemoans opposition reaction to High Court ruling

by Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall. I view with deep regret, and indeed, with profound concern, the pronouncements emanating from lawyers who appeared in the recently concluded constitutional challenge to the cuts inflicted on the 2012 Budget. I refer to the lawyers who appeared for the Speaker and the Leader of the Opposition, respectively, and who, ...

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Release govt’s files on US-funded democracy project

First, I must express my most sincere gratitude to you, and by extension the Government of Guyana, for responding to my concerns regarding democracy, trust and tragedy in our nation. I hope that our interaction will inspire generations to come. I hope it serves as evidence that our leaders, our politicians, like you, are not unreachable or unwilling to engage ...

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I am a Swing Vote

By Saieed I. Khalil (First published on ) Our pattern of voting influences the nature of government and its policies. The power to freely and informedly choose the political and socioeconomic data by way of the ballot is what constitutes the lynchpin of a peaceful democracy. Ideally, elections ought to reward governments for good policies and governance in line ...

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