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Budget enables gov’t to “live large, comfortable” – Manickchand

Former Education Minister Priya Manickchand says that she cannot support the 2016 Budget presented to the National Assembly by Finance Minister Winston Jordan since it doesn’t cater for all of Guyana. Dubbing the budget a “stagnation budget” Manickchand delivered a blast of feral proportions to the Government. “From what is said in the budget I think we can garner what ...

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Amna Ally lashes out at Opp. for “warped” renaming of Cohesion Ministry

Amna Ally, Minister of Social Cohesion has defended her Ministry saying that it is necessary. This is against the backdrop of several statements made during the 2016 debate that the Ministry is being used for ‘social bribery.” However, Ally during her budget presentation stated that anyone who would see to change the name of the Ministry in such a manner ...

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Guyana says Venezuela attempting to derail UN resolution process

Guyana’s Foreign Affairs Minister and Vice President Carl Greenidge Thursday accused the Nicolas Maduro led government of Venezuela of attempting to derail a process that would lead to the resolution of a current border controversy. Greenidge announced plans to lodge complaints with United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon and the Security Council  about a speech by Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Delcy ...

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UG reaches out to private sector, diaspora for support

As part of plans to transform the University of Guyana to keep it relevant with courses that are in demand, the University is making a pitch and inviting persons from the private sector and the diaspora to get onboard. Under the leadership of UG’s Chancellor Professor Nigel Harris the University has embarked on a project that would see collaborations with ...

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Opadeyi bids adieu to three “very successful” years at UG

Regaled as one of the most controversial Vice Chancellors that the University of Guyana has ever seen, Professor Jacob Opadey’s contract with the Guyana Government has expired and is bidding farewell to the publicly funded institution. Opadeyi, already replaced by Acting Vice Chancellor Barbara Reynolds, is currently in his last week at the University and says that he is looking ...

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Aquaculture, livestock farms among plans for Wales

Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder has unveiled that among other things there are plans in place to study the possibility of opening an aquaculture and livestock farm among others at the Wales Sugar Estate. This is after Government had announced that it plans to close the Wales Sugar Factory at the end of 2016 since it would be unable to upkeep ...

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Rodney COI report dropped off to AG’s Secretary; Williams says move ‘disrespectful’

The final report from the Commissioners on the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI) was dropped off to the Confidential Secretary of the Attorney General Basil Williams. Williams on Wednesday afternoon confirmed that the document was dropped off in a “disrespectful” manner. Reports indicate that shortly after dropping off the report, the three Commissioners proceeded to leave the Guyana. Williams ...

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Budget flayed over lack of initiatives for women

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Member of Parliament Dr Vindhya Persaud says she will be forced to withhold her support for Budget 2016 since it lacks tangible projects for the empowerment of women. Persaud made the statement as she delivered her take on the 2016 Budget during the debates on Wednesday. The third speaker for the day, the MP indicated that ...

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Cathy Hughes, Gail Teixeira square off over “willy-nilly” dismissal of public servants

For a second consecutive year the dismissal of hundreds of Amerindians under the Community Support Officers (CSO) programme took center stage during the Budget debates as Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira accused the government of the “willy nilly” dismissal of contract workers. Teixeira, who opened the debates on Wednesday, was quick to criticize the government’s hiring of more contractual workers ...

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DEA pledges to “dismantle and destroy” crime organisations

Regional Director for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Matthew Donahue has made it clear that while the small drug traffickers will not be ignored, the DEA is mostly interested in pursuing the huge organizations behind international crime – which more times than often have a multinational presence. Donahue made the statement as the US Government officially commissioned the local DEA ...

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