Water, housing woes to top complaints as Meet the Public flies into Lethem

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 February 2016, 13:30 by Denis Chabrol

As persons from Region Nine continue to pour into the Tabatinga Sports Ground awaiting the arrival of high level government officials, it is anticipated that the water crisis will be the number 1 complaint.

Regional Chairman Brian Allicock told Demerara Waves that water, along with housing development will top the list of complaints.

Guyana is currently experiencing a dry spell and a severe shortage of water has hit the coast and the interior.

The situation is more intense in the interior as wells and springs have dried up the lands are parched.

"Its really bad…at certain times we don't get pressure in the lines for instance my residence – I get about four hours of water. We have to know when to collect it," Allicock told Demerara Waves.

Consequent to the water shortage, Allicock explained that in months a food shortage is expected to come about.

He stated that the Region's officials have already started preparations for this aspect of the situation.

With regards to Housing, the Chairman stated that many persons have applied for House lots but are generally dissatisfied with their placement.

"A lot of them are disenfranchised because they were not given an opportunity to choose their lots and some people had their taken away by squatters and so," he said.

Other issues expected to be ventilated with the officials include that of infrastructural development for the town on Guyana's border with Brazil.

"We are looking at the hydro because electricity costs are very very high," Allicock emphasized.

The Government's delegation includes Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Social Protection Minister Volda Lawrence, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, Public Works Minister David Patterson and Citizenship Minister Winston Felix.