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“I will abide by it”- Felix on Chief Justice’s ruling

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 February 2016, 12:51 by Denis Chabrol Days after Chief Justice Ian Chang ruled that Minister of Government Keith Scott and Winston Felix should not sit in Guyana’s National Assembly, Felix has declared he will abide by the decision handed down by the Chief Justice. Chang had ruled that the two government ministers could not be ...

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Lessons of Walter Rodney’s Assassination: We have to deal frontally with the question of State Violence

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 February 2016, 5:55 by Denis Chabrol By Dr. David Hinds Like other comrades of Walter Rodney, I welcome the findings of the Commission of Inquiry. Although I had misgivings about the motives of the PPP for setting up the commission, once it started I fully supported it. Whatever, its shortcomings, it was the furthest we ...

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