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No politician gives direction to Police, GDF – President Granger

With some concerns that there may be political interference in the work of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF), President Granger has made it pellucid that no politician gives operational direction to the two agencies. A GDF officer and two others were recently killed in an accident after a high speed chase went the wrong ...

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“The police has to answer, the GDF has to answer” – Teixeira weighs in on “sinister” recon mission

Guyana Defence Officer (GDF) Robert Pyle who was recently killed in an accident on Carifesta Avenue was on a “sinister” mission says Chief Whip of the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Gail Teixeira. The GDF has confirmed that Pyle was on a legitimate mission at the time that he was killed. That mission was intended to be a surveillance of ...

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PPPC lays down demands for Coroners; slams talks with AG as “gaff”

Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall has labeled as “cosmetology” consultations on two Bills that he was invited to by his successor to discuss, Basil Williams. Nandlall questioned whether Justices of Peace would be competent enough to preside over inquests across Guyana, and he also recommended that they hold certain qualifications. Nandlall said when he turned up for consultations on January ...

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Tourism twinned with telecoms, not dissolved but tourism stakeholder still worried

Days after stating that the Ministry of Tourism has been dissolved, government Tuesday night assured that tourism has not been put on the ministerial back burner but has instead been twinned with Public Telecommunications. However, a tourism industry stakeholder still believes that the sector will not be given the required attention given the burdensome nature of telecommunications. The National Frequency ...

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APNU+AFC dissolves Tourism Ministry; “serious backward step”- says stakeholder

Consequent to the appointment of Cathy Hughes as Minister of Public Telecommunications, the APNU+AFC has taken a decision to dissolve Guyana’s Ministry of Tourism and have its functions usurped by the new Telecommunications Ministry. According to a release from the Department of Public Information, cabinet took the decision to make the switch. The switch comes along with the transfer and reappointment ...

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Ministerial code of conduct falls short on sexual offences- Red Thread

The women and child rights organisation, Red Thread, on Tuesday rubbished government’s proposed ministerial code of conduct, saying that it does not provide for sexual harassment and child molestation. Executive Member of Red Thread, Karen De Souza told Demerara Waves Online News that the code of conduct should have included the dismissal of persons if faced with enough evidence. Asked ...

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PPP accuses Gov’t of misusing security forces for political purposes

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Clement Rohee says that the APNU+AFC administration owes the country an explanation into the apparent misuse of Guyana’s security forces for political reasons. This is after a Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Intelligence Officer Robert Pyle was recently involved in a fatal accident that left both him and his wife dead. After the ...

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President Granger pledges “hard money” to support hands-off media training

President David Granger Sunday pledged “hard money” to the Guyana Press Association (GPA) to help provide training and education without any strings attached. Making the announcement at a brunch for media workers held on the lawns of State House, he stressed the importance of a well-trained media in keeping government on its toes. “I would like to pledge hard money ...

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Sam Hinds warns of “unsustainable” spending; denies existence of secret accounts

Former Prime Minister, Samuel Hinds Saturday warned that the movement of billions of dollars from a number of state-owned entities and commercial banks to the Consolidated Fund and subsequent spending would once again lead to an economic downturn. “The danger is that it would be used to raise recurring current expenditure to unsustainable (at this time) levels putting us at ...

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