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2021 National Budget Day is Friday, Feb 12

Last Updated on Monday, 8 February 2021, 21:11 by Denis Chabrol

Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh Monday night announced that Friday, February 12 will be Budget Day 2021.

He made the announcement following last weekend’s consultation with the private sector, trade union movement and other stakehokders.

“We received a lot of very good suggestions  from those who were gathered; many of those who were gathered,” he said about the ongoing consultative process.

Government also consulted with the small political parties that contested the 2020 polls.

The Finance Minister said the 2021 package of revenues and expenditures would be aimed at ensuring the People’s Progressive Party keeps its 2020 general election campaign promises. “We expect that Budget 2021 will cover a wide range of promises, commitments and undertakings included in our manifesto,” said Dr. Singh.

He said that this budget would  continue from the emergency 2020 Budget, and COVID 19 relief measures.