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Venezuelan armed gang opens fire on Guyanese police, soldiers

Last Updated on Friday, 25 September 2020, 8:26 by Writer

Members of a Venezuelan sindicato gang opened fire on a joint patrol of Guyanese police and soldiers on the Cuyuni River, the Guyana Defence Force said.

The army said no one was injured during the incident that occurred on the bordering river on Wednesday, September 23. “None of the ranks received injuries and they returned fire,” the GDF said.

The GDF said the local police and soldiers were on joint “routine” patrols and the operations have since been intensified. “Aggressive joint patrols by the security forces have since been intensified in the Cuyuni area,” the army said.

The army said measures were being taken in light of this latest incident. “Guyana’s border with Venezuela is more than 1,000 kilometres long and patrols are conducted on a routine basis. Wednesday’s occurrence is not new and several measures are being explored toward resolution,” the GDF said.

In the past, sindicatos have attacked and raided Guyanese mining camps as well as robbed residents in border communities.

The then David Granger-led administration had moved troops and police to the border area about two years ago in a bid to deter the sindicato gangs.