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Update: GTT landline service restored

Last Updated on Tuesday, 28 May 2019, 10:47 by Writer

“Telephone House”- headquarters of the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph company

The Guyana Telephone and Telegraph’s (GTT) landline service was restored after a more-than-one-hour outage that also affected mobile Internet data system, officials said.

The reason for the early Tuesday morning outage was not immediately clear, but technicians and engineers were continuing their probe.

The company was expected to provide an official update later Tuesday morning.

During the outage, subscribers could not have made landline calls to other landlines or either GTT or Digicel mobile phone services. However, calls from GTT’s cell service to landlines and the two cellular services were possible.

Mobile Internet data services were also affected. However, it was unclear whether the disruptions were countrywide.

Blaze fibre-optic and DSL Internet services seemed not to have been affected.