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“Good life” promise is a “good lie” -PPPC’s Irfan Ali shows statistics

The opposition People’s Progressive Party Civic’s (PPPC) Shadow Finance Minister, Irfan Ali on Monday charged that the David Granger-led coalition’s promise of a “good life” amounts to a “good lie” based on his mid-term review of Guyana’e economic performance.

“It’s not OK. It cannot be OK for us when the people of this country are suffering. It cannot be OK for us when the economy is in decline. It cannot be OK for us when people are losing their jobs. It cannot be OK for us when farmers are not getting any support in Budget 2018, nothing is OK about that, Mr Speaker,” he told the House in kicking off debate on the package of revenues and expenditures.

Ali, a former official of the Ministry of Finance, said contrary to the APNU+AFC’s election promise that the 16 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) would have been reduced from 16 percent to 14 percent, the reality is that Guyanese will from next year pay GY$3.1 billion more in that tax, bringing the amount from that measure to GY$40.4 billion. “Failed promise; this is the reality and it’s not getting better,” he said.

The PPP frontbencher further charged that there are now more than GY$32.2 billion in new taxes and fees, while government has yet to reintroduce the GY$10,000 cash grant to needy families.

In addition to a decline in spending on immunization in the 2018 package, he said the budget offers nothing to farmers, nurses, teachers, public servants, and members of the police and defence forces.

The PPPC parliamentarian further observed that no provision has been made for any of the 61 percent of small and medium sized businesses which cannot repay their loans to commercial banks. “Budget 2018 is devoid of any measure to help people in any category,” he said.

Ali flayed Finance Minister, Winston Jordan for presiding over less than satisfactory Guyana’s economic growth  since the coalition came to office in May 2015. “Since 2015, the economy has limped along to the elusive good life concept,” he said, adding that figures show a pattern of sub-optimal economic growth.

He said the International Monetary Fund (IMF) had forecast economic growths of 4.07 in 2015; 3.4 percent in 2016 and 3.79 percent in 2017 but the actual performances were 3.9 percent, 3.4 percent and 2.9 percent respectively.

Ali said Guyana’s economy also registered a total loss of GY$3 billion in income in 2017. He singled out sugar losing GY$3.8 billion; forestry GY$4.2 billion; rice GY$740 million and bauxite GY$792 million. “Decline, decline, decline decline and this government can tell the people of this country that they are satisfied,” he added.

“It was a good lie and not a good life” he said, questioning why would Guyanese trust the coalition again.

Budget debate would continue for the remainder of the week, followed by detailed questioning by the opposition of various allocations in the Committee of Supply.

  • StanleyBeresford

    Irfan Ali’s pronouncement is the ‘THE NEFARIOUS LIE’. For twenty three years the P.P.P. had been in Government there was no good life, Corruption, immorality, waste, neglect, incompetence, murders, lawlessness, wickedness and deception, darkness and feral blasts, and the ever increasing tide of suicides, were the order of their administration. Their Ministers and other top Government officials were denied visas or had their previously issued Visas for the United States denied or voided, Norway refused to pay the money for carbon credits because they did not comply with the agreement. This Coalition Government is like the morning that has come upon the nation, just into two years restoring the respectability of the nation to the International community, repairing the foundation of the nation that was so badly damaged and now building a a more modern and progressive economic, social, and educational infrastructure, that will allow and accommodate the rapid expansion that the deliverable s that the ordered and well managed extraction of our natural resources and agricultural riches that are about to be harvested. Kudos to this government for its vision , insight and plan to move the nation forward.

    • Michael Grey

      you really gotta change your shades….

    • shovid


    • Danny Persaud

      U and ur pnc cabals trying hard to stay alive.. time is catching up on y’all propaganda agenda…

    • DeCEO

      I know this is a DPI employee, cause no right minded Guyanese who praise this government. NONE!!!!. Linclon Lewis has turned from them and many others. The talk of PPP/C corruption may be well founded but this Government has not proved it, so they will look like saints soon. However, the corruption under this government is wide-spread and easily identifiable. Lets see what happens when, not if, they come out of office what will happen, cause a nursery school child will be able to find there wrong doing.

    • ExPPP_Man

      I used to sing the same tune how PPP inept and corrupt till them kick me out the party. Now I glad if the PPP and them corrupt, incompetent ways were in power. Life was much better under the old Jasgseter – he won 36 seats in Parliament. No one ever came close to such majority unless it was rigged.

      PPP put food in abundance on all you previously empty PNC tables, yet to this day, all you prefer to starve but nah mekk coolie rule. As long as black man rule, all yuh don’t care if all you get white mouth and sleep hungry. Racist black people

      • rs dasai

        EX Man.
        No Bro, do not call all black persons ‘racist’. Not all persons of any race are ‘racists’. The colour of a person’s skin does not project that person’s character. Judge individuals by their deeds, not the colour of the person’s skin.

    • Col123

      Stanley, you may want to consider changingwn that photo…It looks like it’s a female photo…which is neither here nor there!
      You can harp on whatever cooks your meals but you should note that ALL Guyanese would WANT our country to succeed….BUT you need to have evidence and proof in this world!
      Now, tell me why our forefathers could have purchased villages upon emancipation…but twenty eight years of us o

    • rs dasai

      Nice last sentence. Good plan, no or slow execution.

  • StanleyBeresford

    I do not believe you moved as much as a straw to help the coalition. the asininity in your reply has exposed your deceit as a P.P.P. stooge seeking to capture the foolish and unstable.Truth is not of the darkness, learn that and lies will flee from you.

    • Col123

      You love to refer to comments of others as asininity…when your own brain is prolapsing out your own ass..

  • Col123

    Brotha, you should first ask yourself how many of the countries we govern and we bruk up since massa left…and the ongoing question about what economic gains we have as evidence, as a people of the PNC, when we governed Guyana for twenty eight years,lock stock and barrel…keeping in mind the debt and empty treasury, at the end of those years!