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AFC hopes oil revenue will help improve relations with APNU

The Alliance For Change (AFC) hopes that the generation of oil revenues and improved economic performance will help  ease tensions with A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) over demands for increased jobs and improved standard of living.

AFC Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan said the “very sound” relationship between his party and APNU has been unjustifiably criticized, but acknowledged that the need for more jobs has been a thorny matter for the almost two-year old coalition-led administration.

Ramjattan forecasts an “extraordinarily brighter economic and financial” future backed by oil revenues that are expected to flow by 2020 would  “in a way end all of these difficulties that we have.”

“The difficulties we have is lots of jobs people want. People want jobs and that sometimes is a difficult thing. That’s the frank thing about it and people then make all kinds of remarks that we are not doing this, we are not doing that and that is what sometimes has an element of destructiveness about it and jealousies and petty jealousies,” he told a news conference when asked what he would like to see in a new accord with APNU.

Supporters of both parties have expressed concern that despite the fact that they had campaigned heavily for the coalition, they have not been rewarded with jobs and contracts. Instead, they have said that only a few elected officials have been benefiting from the promised “good life.”

With the Cummingsburg Accord slated to expire in 2018, Ramjattan hopes that APNU and AFC can hammer out ways of improving relations. “There will be areas that we can deal with at the engagement level far better when there disputes of some sort that could resolve quicker, that should happen,” he said.

One of the APNU+AFC’s campaign promises had been increased jobs for youths,  a 20 percent hike in salaries for soldiers and police as well as a similar increase for teachers.

He stressed that he is confident that the APNU+AFC coalition would be better able to address various demands. “I believe in all honesty that those difficulties and challenges and constraints that we presently have in this relationship will all be met

American oil giant, ExxonMobil, has found more than two billion barrels of oil offshore Guyana.  The company has already contracted Dutch-headquartered company, SBM Offshore, to provide a Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading facility (FPSO).

  • rs dasai

    And who says that you cannot buy love?

    • Col123

      That comment is loaded… but self explanation is OK…

      • rs dasai

        And ‘Oil’ my ease the ‘friction’. Sugar and rice cannot.

        • Col123

          Hey, I am showing some self control here…saving some key strokes…

  • Ashley Singh

    From these utterances, it can be discerned that there are existing differences between these two members of the Coalition. Ramjattan feels that Oil ‘may ease’ the friction. Living in hope and dying in despair..

    • Col123

      What do you mean by Ramjattan “FEELS ” … the friction…

  • Kassem_B

    True, but it doesn’t matter. Once in the mind and can get punters to buy, that is all that is required.
    Then you will be required to make a deposit
    Also, many plans ahead that need to be confidential including the down payment.

  • Gtloyal

    Mr Ramjattan, it’s hardly likely that oil will be flowing by 2020. Don’t bet on it. And the way you guys are going your coalition may not even be around when it starts. Had you not reneged on so many of your campaign promises you may have had a chance.
    Your statement here shows that you have not even been able to identify what the people, ever since your ascension, want to see most. And that is to put a stop to corruption, bring to justice those who participated in it in the past, recovering what was lost in the process and to put a lid on crime. Jobs they will find, as those looking for a reward should.
    (What you have done so far is to implement measures that is now making life harder for the poorer folks.)
    The message you guys are sending out is that you neither want to touch the suspects nor set any legal precedent nor pass laws that may be used against you whenever you leave office. Is this another agreement? As we say: “Hand wash hand mek hand come clean”. If this reading is correct, then the people can only ask what your intentions are. For now, any “… extraordinarily brighter economic and financial …” future backed by oil revenues does not seem to be what’s in the making for Guyana.
    Sadly, sir, without your coalition setting things right, the only thing the country will have in 2020 will be the daunting prospect of returning to that somewhat renegade status, being blacklisted again, with a drug based economy benefitting a chosen few, until the petrodollars start flowing to make them richer while the poor gets poorer.

    • Col123

      Boy GT… you becoming nemak karani… the maan gie you the government you want and now you hustling the chap!..alyou really na like them Indo even when they gie you the country…

      • Gtloyal

        So true. You are one smart guy.
        Must be nice to have something so intellectually stimulating to say?

        • Col123

          Patronizing fella you are. Do you know that I believe in reparations GT?…except that London, Madrid and Amsterdam should be held to repay us for those years of bondage… I mentioned that to point out that we should go after those corrupt thieves starting from fifty years ago…some are still alive…not clear why you block those years from your memory..

          • Gtloyal

            Fifty? Why not 100 or 200? Who is stopping you? Go ahead bravely. Are you waiting for me to do it for you? BTW, you are not clear about many things.

  • Gtloyal

    Ok. Go do it. You can even pardon the “corrupt PPP folks” and hang the rest and be happy. But you do it. Don’t tell me. What do you want, my permission?
    And I am not “looking for appeasement”, nor for any”reparations”, I look always for justice.