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Daily Archives: December 5, 2016

Education budget reduced by $1B because of 14% VAT; cost of living will increase- MP Manickchand warns

“Shocking”, “unconscionable”, were the words used by Opposition MP Priya Manickchand to describe Budget 2017. “Brace yourself Guyana, these are the things that are going to come,” Manickchand said in her description of the 2017 budget. The MP Opposition told the National Assembly during her address on the budget that the budget has caused “distress and worry and fear in ...

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Jealous Guyanese man almost saws off wife’s head in Queens, New York

One year after a Guyanese man paid his wife US$9,000 to leave their homeland and join him in New York, he nearly decapitated her on a Queens street corner early Monday-sawing through her neck in front of a witness who mistakenly asked if he needed help before he realized the unfolding horror, the New York Post reported. The 50-year-old man allegedly ...

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‘Poisonous’ budget will cause ‘sufferation’, ‘murderation’ to Guyanese- Opposition MP

The heated exchanges in budget 2017 debates have already started with Opposition MP Joseph Hamilton taking to the floor to denounce what he called a “poisonous” budget presented by Finance Minister Winston Jordan, which would cause “sufferation and murderation to Guyanese people.” “It is the first death announcement budget read on national television,” Hamilton said in his presentation noting that ...

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EU helping to restore derelict City Hall

The European Union and the Georgetown Mayor and City Council have signed a contract that will facilitate a study for a Comprehensive Restoration and Sustainable Conservation Management Plan for City Hall. The Contract which has been awarded to EURONET Consulting GEIE for EUR 279,196 [G$64M] is expected to be concluded by March/April 2017, the EU Delegation said Monday in a ...

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PPP supporters protest tax-heavy budget; Jagdeo warns of government “arrogance” to pass budget

The  2017 budget debates begin Monday in the National Assembly, and arriving parliamentarians were greeted by a long line of PPP protesters led by several MPs including Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo. “It’s bad economics that many of the measures in the budget are not in keeping with even what the government says its goals are. These measures run contrary to ...

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