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Ramjattan out to prove Granger wrong on gun amnesty, Rohee unsupportive of initiative

Last Updated on Monday, 31 August 2015, 16:54 by GxMedia

Based on previous studies, former Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, is adamant that the government’s “gun amnesty is bound to fail.”

He said even President David Granger is aware of this but Ramjattan is out to prove him wrong.

During the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) press conference Monday August 31, Rohee shot down any success at the government’s upcoming one-month amnesty period scheduled to start tomorrow, September 1, 2015.

Rohee said that while he was in office, a task force comprising of police ranks, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), and the Customs Anti-narcotics Unit (CANU) had lengthy discussions on gun amnesty and “the overwhelming majority of representatives were of the view that it would not work in Guyana.”

He said he too supported the initiative until; his staffers persuaded him that it would not work. “I was surprised,” Rohee charged after hearing that the amnesty period would go forward by this government since according to him; the same people who advised him against the initiative are the same ones now advising Ramjattan.

“Granger himself had said that a gun amnesty programme will not succeed in Guyana.” Rohee said that the President had stated publicly that it wouldn’t work. “Now under pressure, Granger has somersaulted and has come out in support of the gun amnesty process.”

“He (Ramjattan) intended to prove Granger wrong, that’s why Granger had to sit there and express his support for the program.”

The police have noted that all amnesty transactions are confidential and will be overseen by the religious community. Ammunition and firearms could be handed in between 09:00hours and 16:00hours.

Various police stations will be used in the various Divisions.