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PPP gearing for long haul in opposition

Last Updated on Sunday, 21 June 2015, 17:59 by GxMedia

Former President Bharrat Jagdeo.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) may be gearing itself for the long haul in opposition after losing the 2015 General and Regional Elections to the Coalition; A Partnership for National Unity+ Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC).

It appears that the party is still coming to grips with the loss after 23-years in government. But some members may have accepted the reality, while others remain insistent that their loss at the polls resulted from a rigged election.

Inside information says that the party’s top brass is cognizant that it is highly unlikely that they would regain power in the next five years. Information leaked to Demerara Waves reveals that in -house concerns are whether the current faces should remain within the party spotlight, since some members believe that their campaign tactics and attitude, which prominently included former President Bharrat Jagdeo, caused the election loss.

However information is that Jagdeo has made it clear that should there be new leadership he is “out.” The former president believes that the “old guards” should remain, instead of fresh new faces since the old guards are from foundation and better equip to deal with economic policies and major national policy issues.

The former president also believes that he is “hated” and a plot  has been orchestrated to “destroy my legacy.” The leaked information also presents the former president admitting that the party would not be able to regain power in the next five years.

The PPP has refused to address this particular matter which some sections have pronounced on. When General Secretary Clement Rohee was asked about discussions on restructuring within the party, and their expected time span in opposition last Monday, June 15, he said, ‘I’ll pass on that one.”

Prior to that, he did say that, “Any political party when it gets into opposition after an election would have to look at fundamental issues. First, the question of an analysis of what is responsible for it being where it is in terms of either opposition or government, two, who would be holding certain key positions whether parliamentary, regional chairman, councilors etc, those are issues that come up almost automatically depending on your political  fortunes.”

He however resisted stating the party’s position on these issues.

The opposition is yet to take their seat in Parliament.  More recent information from the party’s General Secretary indicates that more than a month after the election winner was declared, they are yet to vote in their opposition leader.

One of the party’s more recent additions, Clinton Urling boldly disclosed some weeks ago that former President Bharrat Jagdeo should take the back seat if the party is to again have a chance at leadership. He blamed the former President for the election loss, claiming that it would be difficult to attract, and in his case retain, the type of people who can help reinvent the party. “Plainly stated, the party has to move on without Jagdeo if it is to ever recapture its former political prestige,” he said.

Rohee shot Urling’s comments down, stating that he is in no position to speak on party issues as a new comer