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Lawyers dissociate themselves from Juliet Holder-Allen’s party

Last Updated on Saturday, 14 March 2015, 13:53 by GxMedia

Attorney-at-Law, Juliet Holder-Allen.

The newly-formed National Democratic Party of Guyana (NDPOG), led by former Chief Magistrate Juliet Holder-Allen, appears to be in trouble one day after its existence was announced with several persons dissociating themselves from that organisation.

Holder-Allen appeared shocked at their positions, saying that they had all agreed to the formation of the NDPOG and the crafting of the manifesto. “You’re kidding me.  We met on Tuesday and we had talked about it before. I think they are just backing out now. I’m surprised they told you that when they told me something else,” she told Demerara Waves Online News.

Lawyers Patrice Henry and Lyndon Amsterdam as well as public relations specialist Namela Rowe said they have nothing to do with the formation of the party.

“I had a conversation with Mrs. Allen and two other women. I am not involved in any political party or anything like that. I find it very strange,” Amsterdam told Demerara Waves Online News.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Henry who stressed that he was not involved in the formation of the NDPOG much less being the prime ministerial candidate.

Rowe said she had agreed to “assist” the former Chief Magistrate with public relations, but the last she heard from her was Friday afternoon about 5 PM when she called asking whether she was going to be at the Guyana Legion for the press conference. “I promised to help her with the pr but I am not a political activist,” Rowe told Demerara Waves.

Asked whether the party has now crumbled and would not survive, she said “it will survive.”  “I will certainly have to get replacements but they were certainly part of my team and they know it,” she said.

She says the most important issue engaging the party’s attention is getting the necessary paperwork completed for nomination day on April 7th.