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GUYANA: Opposition party begins “campaign of resistance” for Parliament to be reconvened

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Opposition Leader, David Granger leading a picketing demonstration outside Office of the President Tuesday morning.

Guyana’s opposition A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) on Monday began a wave of protests aimed at pressuring President Donald Ramotar to lift the suspension of Parliament.

He prorogued the Parliament last week Monday to prevent the majority-controlled National Assembly from debating and passing a no-confidence motion that would have forced his Cabinet to resign and make way for elections in 90 days.

The parliamentary suspension gives his government up to six months to remain in office without oversight by the National Assembly.

Opposition Leader, David Granger insists that his party will continue to engage in lawful, orderly and consistent protests to press the President to revoke the suspension of Parliament.

Asked if he intended to just rely on picketing demonstrations outside the Office of the President to call on government to give into a number of demands, Mr Grange said the protests are part of a wider campaign

The opposition has vowed to re-table the no-confidence motion if Parliament is reconvened, even as the President has threatened to dissolve the Parliament and call fresh elections if there are no talks or the discussions, if held, are fruitless.

The APNU and the smaller opposition Alliance For Change (AFC)  have said that they will not talk with the President on any issue that is before the National Assembly.

Although the President had announced last Friday that he would have been assembling a negotiating team to meet with the opposition, Granger said he had not received an invitation.

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