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Bandits knocked down and caught after robbing a couple they trailed from bank

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 November 2014, 22:59 by GxMedia

One of the bandits trapped under the car that was chasing them

Two bandits, who trailed a couple from a city commercial bank to their East Coast Demerara home and robbed a woman of a bag of money, were Tuesday night in an unconscious condition at a city hospital after they were run over by a car that was chasing them.

Their identities were not immediately known, but investigators believed that they have ties to Agricola, East Bank Demerara. The motorcycle number has been given as CG 2848.

However, there is uncertainty about how much money was stolen. After the car struck down the bandits, a bag containing GUY$249,000 was recovered and a .32 pistol and four matching rounds were found in their possession. A  withdrawal slip from Republic Bank’s Water Street branch shows that GUY$740,000 were withdrawn, according to police sources.The other bandit lying on the road shortly he and his accomplice were struck down by a  car that was chasing them.

Police later said in a statement that about  1:30 PM, Jasdai Persaud, 37, was at her home at Cherry Field, LBI, ECD, when two men rode up on a motor cycle, one of whom was armed with a firearm, and held her up.

 The men demanded a bag with cash that had been withdrawn earlier today from a bank in the city, which was handed over.

Police spokeman, Ivelaw Whittaker said that as the men left the premises they were confronted by the victim’s husband, who retreated after a shot was discharged in his direction.The perpetrators fled the scene on the motor cycle, but were pursued by a relative of the victim in a motor car, during which the perpetrators lost control of the motor cycle and fell.

 They were struck down by the car and were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where they were admitted in an unconscious condition.